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Hello all, Habiqqo Architects - one of the best architect in Wayanad & Calicut is back again to you with yet another blog with the early trends and fresh perspectives in residential architecture that is dominating before the half of 2021. Hope this could help people seeking new trends for their dream home.

In this blog, we are going to check out the five new trends on Exterior Designing and interior designing as well. 

Being one of the best architect in Wayanad & Calicut, and with years of experience in implementing the newest trends inside Wayanad here, we are discussing the newest trends in the world of architectural designing. 

Materialistic Industrial trends are back on stage:

Materialistic trends like the usage and combination of irons and wood are back on the platforms. These are ergonomic and Sustaining as like what we have seen in the rough premium platforms of industrial trends. Also, these materialistic trends for those dream homes are well emerging with the new wave of landscape trend. 


While on the exterior designing, the Malayalees are now more concerned about their landscape and gardening structure. Landscapes are now just normalities compared to two-three years back. Also as we have mentioned above; materialistic landscaping with wall mounts seems to be the hot trend in the market. More and more customers tend to use wall landscaping or container gardening and we do recommend them as it makes more use of each space. 

Gardening and landscaping are a high priority for our customers while reconstructing their dream home into a new one. 

home with beautiful landscaping

Smart home facilities. 

Yes. Smart homes are the latest dimensions while our people express their concept before us. The amazing fact is that most of them require the facility ASAP or later so as we need to design them accordingly.  

Home automation isn't a new trend but people are accepting the new trends such as voice recognition devices, smart locks, automated gates and much more. Home automation and smart homes with security features are must for designs that resemble the European style of housing. 

Open Space designing.

Our next trend is Open Space. People seem to use wide spaces with ambient free air and freedom inside their house. Yes, it's a type of design with a spacious ambience in multipurpose or living rooms. We could say the concept and interest in multipurpose living rooms are redefining. More and more homes tend to build their first floor with the integration from living rooms so they meet the living space at the top portion too.

living area from habiqqo architects designers

Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is the vital part of every home and the place that is most active on - and though the vital part of the attraction. Most commonly every Keralites tends to invest more in the kitchen than normal amenities. The reason is as simple as we have mentioned above - It's the centre of attraction. 

The kitchen trends are changing so fast and people have a lot to choose from it. But here in Kerala, it seems to be a better way. Highly modern kitchen with one particular colour tone. More people tend to have a simple dining facility in their kitchen. Believe it or not, a secondary work area near to the primary kitchen is a must for the most!  

Kitchen space from Habiqqo designing


Nowadays the concept of bathrooms changes to a place for personal care. A relaxing and spacious bathroom with modern facilities is the first concern for most of our clients. It's no more a place to cleanse, but a pampering room for relaxation and self-care. New trends include calm and easy to use tiles, usage of glass furnishes and walls with multipurpose showers.

Natural Lights 

Ambient lightings were the old trend. Now natural lights are way more they prefer. Natural lights diminish noise and bring a good mood inside the home. 

Interiour designing from habiqqo

Hope you have a good read and the above mentioned are a few of the real case studies from our clients. 

If you are searching for architecture for your dream home, well here we go, the finest architect in Wayanad with our well-packed team from seven years of experience to eighteen years! We are happy to bring out your dream home live. Stay safe and keep in touch.

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