Habiqqo is recognized for its structural intelligence, elegance and appropriate engagements in the field of architecture and interior designing and became well known in Kozhikode. Passion, Creativity and Technical knowledge are the highlights of Habiqqo. We are totally obsessive about helping our clients connect their needs more effectively. We are a design-obsessed, technology-acute team of designers dedicated to creating outstanding design solutions to the world of architecture glitches. Our work is built around a strong relationship with our clients: thoughtful, heeding & listening are as important to us as designing, planning & creating beautiful spaces.

 We’re a respected design firm that is both lucrative and growing in the Malabar city of Kerala- Kozhikode Today, we are a team of creative, technical and liasioning specialists, with experience across a wide range of architecture sectors. A testimony, we think that our quality of work and the partnerships that we’ve developed between our clients are remarkable. So if you are looking for an innovative design agency with renewed ideas, or an ultra-talented creative designer looking for your dream place, Habiqqo is the no.1 solution in Kozhikode.

interiour designs in Wayanad - rchitect in Wayanad- Dining area view

We strive to create a beautiful emotional connection. There’s more to design that encounters the eye. It make beautiful and meaningful when it meets the needs which is designed in appealing way. Your needs are our first priority. We take the time to truly understand your concept and what makes you impulse, because only then can we decide on the most effective path of design for you.

We always try to bring some meaning to our interior designs. One among the recent trend in such designs are vertical garden which is adaptive for each and every climate. It is environmental friendly rather than the plastic interior decorative. The aesthetics of vertical gardens transform interior and exterior walls like no other enhancing element. If dispensation is effective, the plants do not compromise the structural integrity of their host. The container of the system can be easily mounted to a wall. If you take a small or a large piece of the wall have an amazing impact on them. They are not only attracted the most attention, but also the air filter and have a positive impact on health.

interiour designs by the best Architect in Sultan Bathery

Finding the right interior designers in Kozhikode may be a challenging task. One has to consider numerous aspects before appointing any home interior designing company. Reputation, dependability, experience and value for money are among the few factors to consider. A dream home is an definitive goal for many and picking the right interior design companies in Kozhikode to build the home is hard. If you chart the experienced architects and interior designers in Kozhikode, the benefit is, you have a stress-free understanding. You have the designer within your reach to see your view come to life before you. These views of Habiqqo make them unique and best among the interior designers in Kozhikode.

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